Top 3 Personal Property Insurance Providers

Everyone keeps important personal possessions and objects. There are many insurance firms that offer personal insurance policies for properties. Below is a brief list of the personal property insurance companies.

Examples of personal property include jewelry, notes, important documents, books, and many other items. Even though they seem small or unimportant they are extremely valuable and require insurance protection for personal property.

Students are particularly susceptible to losing personal property. Each year, students in college lose thousands of dollars of their personal property.

They lose their calculators cameras, stereos computer systems, laptops clothing, furniture, and many other personal belongings due to fire or theft, as well as water or vandalism.

Since most students live in dorms or rooms shared with other students, the chance of personal property damage or loss is much higher. Personal property insurance is a way to help students avoid the expense of replacing the item that was damaged or lost.

In addition, we have included a brief description of their policy on personal property insurance, as well as their most important characteristics.

National Student Services Incorporated (NSSI)

NSSI provides insurance for personal property to college students. To make it more affordable, NSSI sells its insurance policy to college students for only a few cents per day.

The policy for this insurance is accepted in more than 1000 colleges and is used at many universities across the United States.

NSSI’s private property insurance policy will protect the belongings of the student regardless of whether he is in the campus area or not. Included in the policy for property insurance is a $1,000-automatic liability protection.

The additional benefit of this policy is that insurance is that the NSSI private property insurance will pay for any damage or loss for which the insured is accountable.

In the event of an accident, which that occurs because of the negligence of the insured or carelessness, for instance, the NSSI private property insurance can pay up to $1,000 of hospitalization costs.

Ancillary Campus Services

It is provided via Auxiliary Services Corporation at SUNY Cortland, the personal property insurance offered by Ancillary Campus Services provides the initial protection to the personal belongings that college students.

The policy for the personal property of students is managed through Haylor, Freyer, & Coon, Inc. and is designed to shield college students from damage or damage to their personal belongings while living in fraternity halls, halls of residence, sorority residences, off-campus housing, or in houses.

Personal Property Insurance

This insurance policy included deductibles at $50, which means students could be able to afford it. Additionally, Ancillary Campus Services covers students who travel to another country.

Clements International

Clements International is one of the few insurance companies to provide insurance for personal property abroad.

Their insurance for personal property abroad will cover the cost of damaged belongings in the course of moving or when you are at your home in another country.

The personal insurance plan for international residents provided by Clements International is separated into two plans.

The first plan for personal property insurance covers the cost of transportation and travel. The second plan is designed for only the protection of professionals already living in other countries.

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